• Confirms Energy Savings
  • Document Financial Transactions
  • Arrange finance for efficiency projects
  • Improve engineering design and facility operations & maintenance
  • Manage Energy Budgets
  • Enhance the value of emission-reduction credits
  • Support evaluation of regional efficiency program
  • Increase public understanding of energy management as a public policy tool
  • Improve score in sustainability rating systems such as “LED”

Measurement and Verification for Energy saving (IPMVP)

  • ‘OPTION A’ of IPMVP should be considered to calculate energy savings
  • The key parameter will be ‘W’ (Watt)/Connected Load which should be measured once yearly to calculate KW saved/reduced
  • Monetary saving in Rupees will be on DEEMED basis which will be calculated considering working hours, no. of days and existing power tariff for the existing and energy-efficient equipment.