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LED Light Design


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Pranat Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Second time awarded by SEEM for the Best Energy Audit Company in India. | PEPL working with ISTSL on feasibility analysis for setting up Solar Power Plants in various States. | PEPL got the Mandatory Energy Audit Work Of Mathura Refinery, Mathura |

LED Light Design

Pranat Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has having experience design professional that can help with all of lighting projects. No matter what the demands, from individual house lighting to large-scale industrial illumination and everything in between, we've got a designs that will meet your needs.

With lighting simulation software such as DIALux, Relux and Autodesk 3ds MAX design, we can design exactly the right lighting. We can also take your pick from your mobile and by using simulation software our professional will design and provide to the solution with energy efficiency options. And our Online Product Catalog details the entire Alien Energy range, so you can be sure you'll find a product that will meet your needs.

Light is an integral part of architecture whose internal and external structure, building elements and materials place great demands on light. Some of these demands can be met by daylight, others can only be fulfilled with artificial light. When artificial lighting is planned, the user's needs must be given thorough consideration, since we should all feel comfortable in our surroundings and enjoy and experience them. Light stimulates us and makes a significant contribution to our health.

Design and Consulting - Plan light professionally

We are fascinated by light. Good lighting means not only fulfilling standards. First and foremost man and his wishes and requirements should be the focus of attention. This is what characterizes our work which covers all aspects of architecture. Indoors and outdoors – from residential and office lighting to prestige outdoor lighting in public spaces. The use of light can be very versatile and we help you to plan perfect light to suit your needs. Contact us. We will plan for you and offer you our expert advice and support.

Our Projects

Our Team of design professionals had done the Lighting simulation design of prestigious buildings, Stadiums, Airports, Industries etc. and the designs are successfully implemented and deliver by using “Alien Energy” energy efficient Lighting solutions.

Our Clients

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