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Pranat Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Second time awarded by SEEM for the Best Energy Audit Company in India. | PEPL working with ISTSL on feasibility analysis for setting up Solar Power Plants in various States. | PEPL got the Mandatory Energy Audit Work Of Mathura Refinery, Mathura |


Upfront costs are a major barrier to implementing energy efficiency projects in businesses.  An important goal of efficiency policies and programs is to help minimize these upfront project costs so owners are encouraged to invest in energy efficiency improvements and significant retrofits.  Several financing strategies are being pursued to achieve this goal.  Examples include, energy service performance contracting (ESPC), and energy efficiency mortgages (EEMs).

Pranat Egnineers Pvt. Ltd. offer these types of financing for energy efficiency upgrades, including utilities, local governments, and energy service companies (ESCOs). In addition, private equity entities have become increasingly interested in funding packages of energy efficiency projects. The success and prevalence of the financing programs, however, has ebbed and flowed over the past few decades due to their complexity and challenges.

Whether you need finance for new equipment, to find high quality equipment suppliers or understand how to improve your energy efficiency, we can provide flexible, impartial and practical help: 

  • Carbon Trust Green Business Fund - for small and medium sized businesses in England, Scotland and Wales, offering an opportunity assessment, equipment procurement support, and a financial contribution towards energy saving equipment
  • Financing – for energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy technology
  • Find an accredited installer or supplier of energy efficiency and renewable energy equipment
  • Suppliers and installers – become accredited or join the financing scheme
  • Further support to help your organization identify and implement energy and resource efficiency measures

Benefits of Energy Efficiency Financing

  • Convenient and fast. You can arrange your Energy Efficiency Financing through your recognized supplier. Your supplier can then liaise with Pranat Engineers Pvt. Ltd. to take care of your application and the paperwork for you. 
  • Affordable – right now: The Energy Efficiency Financing scheme is designed so that the finance payments made to Pranat Engineers Pvt. Ltd. are offset against the anticipated energy savings which means the equipment should pay for itself. So you can afford to install the energy efficient equipment you need straight away. And once you’ve made all the payments, you should continue to make savings year on year.
  • Flexible: Energy Efficiency Financing is designed so that anticipated energy savings match or exceed payments. Affordable payments are tailored to suit circumstances, and can be arranged by Pranat Engineers Pvt. Ltd. on our balance sheet over terms from 1 to 7 years, or in some cases even longer.
  • Easier budgeting: Energy Efficiency Financing payments are fixed; payments are not subject to fluctuations in interest rates, which means easier budgeting.
  • Conserves working capital: Energy Efficiency Financing gives you the flexibility to conserve your existing working capital for other business projects.


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