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Pranat Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Second time awarded by SEEM for the Best Energy Audit Company in India. | PEPL working with ISTSL on feasibility analysis for setting up Solar Power Plants in various States. | PEPL got the Mandatory Energy Audit Work Of Mathura Refinery, Mathura |


  • Preheat combustion air with waste heat.
  • (22 °C reduction in flue gas temperature increases boiler efficiency by 1%)
  • Use variable speed drives on large boiler combustion air fans with variable flows.
  • Burn wastes if permitted.
  • Insulate exposed heated oil tanks.
  • Clean burners, nozzles, strainers, etc.
  • Inspect oil heaters for proper oil temperature.
  • Close burner air and/or stack dampers when the burner is off to minimize heat loss up
  • the stack.
  • Improve oxygen trim control (e.g. — limit excess air to less than 10% on clean fuels).
  • (5% reduction in excess air increases boiler efficiency by 1% or: 1% reduction of
  • residual oxygen in stack gas increases boiler efficiency by 1%)
  • Automate/optimize boiler blowdown. Recover boiler blowdown heat.
  • Use boiler blowdown to help warm the back-up boiler.
  • Optimize deaerator venting.
  • Inspect door gaskets.
  • Inspect for scale and sediment on the water side.
  • (A 1 mm thick scale (deposit) on the water side could increase fuel consumption by 5 to 8%.)
  • Inspect for soot, flyash, and slag on the fire side. 
  • (A 3 mm thick soot deposition on the heat transfer surface can cause an increase in fuel consumption to the tune of 2.5%)
  • Optimize boiler water treatment.
  • Add an economizer to preheat boiler feedwater using exhaust heat.
  • Recycle steam condensate.
  • Study part-load characteristics and cycling costs to determine the most-efficient mode for operating multiple boilers.
  • Consider multiple or modular boiler units instead of one or two large boilers.
  • Establish a boiler efficiency-maintenance program. Start with an energy audit and follow-up, then make a boiler efficiency-maintenance program a part of your continuous energy management program


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