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Pranat Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Second time awarded by SEEM for the Best Energy Audit Company in India. | PEPL working with ISTSL on feasibility analysis for setting up Solar Power Plants in various States. | PEPL got the Mandatory Energy Audit Work Of Mathura Refinery, Mathura |


  • Optimise the tariff structure with utility supplier
  • Schedule your operations to maintain a high load factor
  • Shift loads to off-peak times if possible.
  • Minimise maximum demand by tripping loads through a demand controller
  • Stagger start-up times for equipment with large starting currents to minimize load
  • peaking.
  • Use standby electric generation equipment for on-peak high load periods.
  • Correct power factor to at least 0.90 under rated load conditions.
  • Relocate transformers close to main loads.
  • Set transformer taps to optimum settings.
  • Disconnect primary power to transformers that do not serve any active loads
  • Consider on-site electric generation or cogeneration.
  • Export power to grid if you have any surplus in your captive generation
  • Check utility electric meter with your own meter.
  • Shut off unnecessary computers, printers, and copiers at night.


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